Entity Component System Part 4

Smoking barrels

Now we can control our ship and even the invaders move around, but nobody shoots. Let's change that in our example game. We want to shoot those invaders. There is quite a couple of things involved by that. We need a bullet blender model first. To spare you some time you can have mine from my google drive as usual. Place this beside the ship and the invaders models. Don't forget to convert it to j3o by right clicking the blend file.

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Entity Component System Part 3

I like to move it move it

Yes there is no point in call that a game when nothing moves on the screen. Not even our ship in the base is controlable in any way. At least we should be able to control the ship, move it left and right. I show you a way to do this by moving the mouse pointer left and right. Sounds promising, no?

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Entity Component System Part 2

So where exactly is this entity system then

The first part just dealed with the setup and some rough skeletons and a meager ship on the screen, but still no entity system. Well we did setup one, but did not use so far. In this part we will really use it. Promise.

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Entity Component System Part 1

Cool, bright and beautiful

Entity Component System short ECS or even shorter ES is one of the coolest, brightest and most beautiful paradigm in programming I have ever met. It is data driven and completly different to object oriented programming most people know nowadays. The entity system approach brought me back the feeling of the old days hacking games on a ZX81 with a 4KByte RAM extension. Really.

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